Chew Anxiety Away

Functional chewing gum made from ingredients found in nature. Made for the mind and body.

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Our patented technology

When it comes to your well being, you deserve the best.

  • Fast Acting

    5 times faster and more effective then any other oral C B D options.

  • Anxiety & Stress

    Get natural relief from anxiety, stress and pain with every chew.

  • Convenient & Discreet

    Whether it's on a plane, at a party, in a meeting or on a date - take this remedy with you anywhere.

  • Long Lasting

    We use a patented process that activates a timed release giving you a powerful dose with every chew.

  • Relief at Your Fingertips

    This is your new super power. Say goodbye to pain, anxiety and stress.

  • Altitude Without Anxiety

    It's normal to feel anxious when you fly. VIB gum helps you equalize your ears & relieve anxiety.

  • Increased Focus

    VIB gum uses the benefits found in C B D and the cognitive enhancing power of chewing gum to help you get and stay focused.

Beyond the pack

Our never ending commitment to serving our customers goes beyond just selling gum.
Vegan & Gluten Free

It matters what you chew. Our gum is kosher, gluten free, vegan free and THC free.

Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products 100%, if for any reason you are not satisfied, you can return it for a complete refund.

Liberating Children

We give a portion of our proceeds to The Child Liberation Foundation to help combat child trafficking.


“I have crippling anxiety as well as other disorders and so I always make sure I have a pack in my locker at work. There’s no issues having it with me because it has zero THC. When I chew it, it helps relieve muscle pain in my shoulders and also reduce my anxiety...”

"I’ve suffered from anxiety for many years. I dwelled on the negative so much, it almost felt like I was attached to my burdens. My best friend introduced me to VïB not too long ago and it has been incredible to be able to lock away my worries and replace them with smiles. Thanks VïB.. forever grateful! 💙"

“Every morning I wake up and take a piece of VIB gum. I notice as I work I can focus on what I am doing without getting distracted. I notice my stress and anxiety levels decrease and am able to worry less about things that aren’t important. I take VIB gum whenever I go on a date or with a big group of people. I notice that I am more calm and my energy levels balance out so I am able to be chill around those people I am with. I notice as I am with these people I am more aware and alert to my surroundings. VIB gum helps me think before I say something that could be more negative than positive.”

“I love the minty flavor. I’ve tried C B D before and this gum is fun and easy to take.”

"We know C B D, we’re from Texas! I like this product. This will help me with my foot pain. It has a nice minty flavor and tastes good."

“I love the taste of VIB Gum. I really feel the effects of the C B D in helping me feel less anxious.”